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Planning a Walk

The series of walks that are contained in this website can be undertaken by the majority of people of all ages with reasonable health. Terrain is not difficult and routes mainly follow surfaced footpaths in town centre or park environments. Sensible walking shoes recommended.

The routes on occasion cross busy roads, please excercise care when crossing and use safe routes and pedestrian lights where available. Take particular care if children are in your party.



 The Aberdare Trail can be completed in half an hour, but will take longer for those who wish to take in more information and get a feel for the history of the town. There are a number of information boards en route. The walk can be extended to take in a visit to Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery (free admission) where a greater appreciation of the history of the Cynon Valley can be gained. Allow at least another hour to take in this extension and to visit the museum.



Allow at least 45 minutes to follow this walk and longer to appreciate more the history of the town. A visit to Pontypridd Museum either at the start or the end of the walk will give the visitor a greater insight into the town of Pontypridd. Allow at least another 30 minutes for this visit.



The Llantrisant Trail can be completed in half an hour, but once again longer will allow the visitor to appreciate more fully this historic town. There are information boards en route. Please note that there is a steep and narrow hill to start and finish this walk with limited footpath space, proceed carefully.